Recent Realizations

– A girl asked “are there any happy families?” From what I saw on Earth so far, I wonder that too (especially from the cases I involved in). If happy families seldom exist, then my follow-up question usually is “why human still continue to reproduce?” Maybe most souls have this SM quality to set themselves up?

– After putting the above on facebook plus what is happening in my life recently, I keep on thinking. And suddenly, I got another realization: If u think u need to make your family a happy one bec u think family should be happy, you are setting yourself up. Afterall, who said family must be happy? This is just another idea of the society. drop the idea, be free. Family can be happy or unhappy, either way is fine.

– Human dramas start with assumptions and selective perception. And the mind feeds the story and make it a big movie. Why people do not have gutsy to check the Truth with the person and ask for clarification? Just a simple checking and avoid all the dramas and people are relcutant to do that because 1. they are coward and lazy. 2. (most probably) they LOVE dramas!

– People who indulge and go crazy in ego games are like schizophrenic patients, they are detached from the reality and live in their fantasy world. There is no use to talk to them unless they are ready to give up the games because they do not have the ability to connect to you.

– Surround yourself with people who really love you and appreciate your presence is the first step of self-love.

– Always, always look for love at the right place, because some people on Earth are too clouded with their egos and lack the ability to love.


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