Beautiful Nothing

Everyone of us goes to the mind so easily.
And it seems that we love to cluster our mind with “something” to feel “safe”.
But the more your mind cluster with something, the more you feel unhappy and drained, because you start to discover so much that your mind does not know.
In fact, when you discover how beautiful Nothingness is, you will feel alive again.
Because, you can finally rest.

My favorite song from my No Ego Retreat in 2008,
Drink in the lyrics, Know the Truth in it.

Beautiful Nothing
By Brett Robin Wood

Beautiful Nothing
Come set me free
Strip me of all of my concepts
Erase my memory

Rob me of all my conclusions
And all I believe
Vaporise all my opinions
So I may see

Beautiful Nothing
Come make me new
Dismantle my dearest of doctrine
Show me what’s true

Show me my Brothers and Sisters
Not as ideas
Not as the labels and judgements
created in fear

Beautiful Nothing
Come take my hand
Lighten this heavy old burden
of all I understand

I’m so tired of all of this trying to be something
Wanna let it all go
Perhaps I will then re-discover
All I don’t know
All I don’t know…

Like the waves on the ocean
And the man in the moon
And the vast and the glorious spacious and meaningless rich field of nothing
that gave birth to this tune.


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