眼見許多人的虛偽而不自知, 有感而發來寫這篇。
Yes, I can be a fierce laser to cut through your lies,
if that can cut you free, I am more than happy to keep cutting.
The process may not be comfortable, and if you choose to be honest and bring in awareness,
you will find what I am doing is to help you free yourself from all lies.

坐下來, 與自己的內心連接一下,

是覺得知道這些就高人一等?型過人?In 過人?
是為在別人突顯自己的與眾不同?吸引異性? 投其所好?為溝仔?為溝女?
是因為內心的匱乏, 覺得要向外尋答案去填洞?
是為找出創作靈感?為發財? 為找伴侶?
是為虛榮感, 要被尊崇, 為扮大師?
是為攞多D料去present an image?
是怕別人知得多過你, 慌死蝕底不斷追?
是為抗衡自己的無力感或對世界的失望/不安全, 要找些東西來依附?
是對傳統宗教的不滿或憤怒, 利用這些資訊去作盾牌, 去戰鬥, 去prove自己”right”?
是以為自己是勇者, 是死士, 在拯救世界?

Stop projecting.
Look within.
All answers are here already.
Your awareness can set you free.


2 thoughts on “Intention

  1. Thanks for your warning. Sometimes we are falling into the myth and just can’t understand our true intention. Yes much of the times we are controlled by our ego that we can’t purely seek the truth from studying the spiritual stuffs. We need someone to advise us so to save us from falling into such a trap. Thanks.

    • Thank you for your msg, carlie. and so nice to connect with you here. No matter what the intention is, I trust that we simply need to be true to ourselves, even when the intention is a ‘not-so-nice’ one. ^_^

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