Strange is not a Crime

“Strange is not a crime” ~ Emily the Strange.

Ever since childhood, I have been considered by a lot of people as “STRANGE”. 
Yes, in family, I am strange.
Among friends, I am strange.
To teachers, I am strange.
To students,  I am strange.
In psychology field, I am strange.
In spiritual field, I am strange.
Probably, to human, I am strange.
(You really can’t imagine how many comments I have received about my ‘strangeness’!)

That’s why I feel very attracted to Emily the Strange, as I can really feel her, sometimes it feels part of me is her indeed: doesn’t search to belong, play by her own rules, happy doing nothing, believe that seeing is deceiving, feel like an outsider, and “doesn’t change, just always strange.”

After all these years, I start to appreciate my unique qualities and to really enjoy my own presence. And then, I find that when I open up myself and be willing to connect, the quality of my life and the view of my life changed. I access to my true power and keep expanding, sometimes beyond my wildest dreams.

As my power and energy field are expanding, it is very interesting to observe that some people really ‘scared’ to approach me. There are all kind of stuff they can be scared of in me: background, labels, competence, power, energy, clarity……………..especially for those who are shy, non-assertive, fear to accesss to their inner self…..(but once you open up yourself and try to make the connection, you will know there is nothing in me to fear about in Truth, because whatever showed up in me can be showed up in you too, if you are willing.)

If you have been following my blog for a period of time but never attempt to connect to me personally in any ways (be it showing up in my life in person or just leave a message here), I can always feel your presence and your energy, and what I want to ask you is:
Why do you keep observing me without connecting with me?  
Why do you want to be an observer instead of a real participant in life?

Yes, if you have inferiority issue, my presence can be quite intimidating to you and let’s be honest to admit to yourself that: I am not part of your issue.

The question is:
Do you make use of my presence to help you be more aware of yourself and to let go of your issue? To empower you, to actualize your potential, to access the real, free you?

Do you blow the chance by denying/ hiding/ rationalizing/projecting/ vitimizing/keep you ego game running?

This is up to you.
And, I am not in it.

What I am sure is that I won’t shrink for you to make you feel comfortable,
becuase this will just keep everyone small.
I choose to keep shining and stand up tall in my power,
despite what your reaction is,
because I cannot not be true to myself.
How about you?

Let’s play a game:
– If you dare to at least try to step out of your comfort zone a bit,
take a baby step by leaving a message here NOW,  even just to say hi! ^_^ 
– If a public comment is already too much for you, mark ‘personal’ or ‘private’ in the comment NOW then I wont approve it so that it wont show up in the public, but I can still reply/connect to you.
– If you are my friends, please leave a comment NOW to set an example for others and show your support to me.
( Thank you, dear friends!Your support mean a lot to me, again, even just to say hi! ^_^ )

Strange is not a Crime! And I am saying it LOUD & CLEAR!
Because everybody is strange in some ways in other people’s eyes.
This is what we call: UNIQUENESS!
And the Universe is so grateful for your uniqueness,
don’t waste your presence by hiding yourself.
Step into your power NOW so that you can be who you really are,
and others can be empowered too!

So, what are you really waiting for?


26 thoughts on “Strange is not a Crime

  1. hehe, first time leaving msg 🙂
    I’ve been reading ur blog for a while though. Please dun take it personally when i didn’t leave msg to ur blog, it’s just me 😛

    Keep up with the good work girl~~

    • thank you, 水無月! it is so nice to connect with you here. actually I do not take it personally when people did not leave msg here. It is just that I would like to help people to rethink about their inaction and non-responding attitude, and how does that affect their own lives.

      Isn’t it feels great that we finally connect? I don’t know about you but I FEEL REALLY HAPPY that we appreciate each other’s existence! Thanks again for supporting. ^_^

  2. dear ms strange j,

    i grab this to share at fb sethrevol page la… hee hee.

    ytd, a friend posted a song fr 趙頌茹[柚子] for me @ my wall (he told: 一聽到其中的歌詞真係同你好貼切!!!) , also the same same…

    “好多缺點 我好多缺點
    我不懂轉彎 最喜歡拆穿
    最憎假細心 從未像同類那樣甜
    誰若嫌酸 大可走先

    *甜蜜神態太多 自問不勝負荷

    my favorite—> “沒有性格那個 就送去當雜果 ” XXD

    ms strange h

    • Dear Harriet the Strange,

      thank you for ur msg and the song plus the spreading.
      great that we are strange in different ways and styles and we can show more variety of ‘strangeness’! heheheeheheheh!

      Joane the Strange

    • Thank you, Etta. So good to see you in blog again. How are you these days? wish we can chat again soon…
      Hey, I can give u back the hokkaido books la. thank you so much! ^^

  3. 嘻嘻!到我出場先,你一出聲,實給你無限個「十卜」。口講無憑,行動最實際。



    • Thank you, Ivy! Yes, I believe in action too! And isnt it feel great when we are all proud of our ‘strangenes’? hhehehehehe
      (Why your msg always went to the spam folder? maybe wordpress not friend of blogger…..V_V)

    • 多羨慕你的髮質+臉形可以有條件整個emily頭…..我最喜歡的兩個style: 冼樸頭和emily頭我都無福消受….

  4. Hi, thanks to bun as the bridge to let us connect …
    My daughter is strange too. At the beginning, I felt embarrass. I’m getting more and more accept this. Sometimes, I can feel her joy and even appreciate this now…
    Still learning @_<


    • Dear Onion
      Yes, thanks to bun! ^^ So happy to connect with you!
      It is such a huge gift you have given to your daughter to accept her uniqueness! The Universe gives big applause to you!
      And isn’t it feel so free when you stop resisting who she is? So much blessings in the process!
      Let’s keep learning together! ^_^

  5. “Strange is not a Crime! And I am saying it LOUD & CLEAR!
    Because everybody is strange in some ways in other people’s eyes.
    This is what we call: UNIQUENESS!”

    <<<< I love this statement so much!!!!

    No matter been consider strange or not, it is actually uniqueness, always, even similar to majority, seemingly "not strange", it's still uniqueness.

    Thank god to make me and all others unique!

  6. Hey, I want to see you too. When will you have new events ? In the last two months, I was trying so hard on praticing how to get rid of emotions and still reading ” Freedom Is”. Also received many “strange” messages from universe. Will tell you more when we meet.


  7. Hi Etta
    I am still feeling what events Naboka wants to happen in March and seeing how my schedule can fit in. will send out newsletter once ready. hope to see u by then. ^^


  8. 最近才發現你的blog,正在慢慢爬你所有的文章,看到這篇文章決定踏出我的安全區哈。

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