Learn to Be Lonely

Phantom of the Opera是我的最愛,
緣起是F.4的Class Performance要上台唱Angel of Music, All I Ask of You, Phantom of the Opera,
入劇院看, 入戲院看, 在家裡看,
求婚有佢份, 結婚又有佢份, 亦打算再入劇院看…..
剛才一邊工作, 一邊播著movie的soundtrack,
聽到平時較少聽的片尾曲Learn to be Lonely,
很幽怨, 很幽怨。

再留意歌詞, 可能你會覺得好灰好灰。
其實首先要學懂being alone。
由一開始,就只有connection, 只有愛。

There is a gift in aloneness,
There is love in aloneness,
There is freedom in aloneness,
Feel it, enjoy it.

Song for you: Learn to be Lonely.

Learn to Be Lonely
from Phantom of the Opera sung by Minnie Driver

Child of the wilderness
Born into emptiness
Learn to be lonely
Learn to find your way in darkness

Who will be there for you
Comfort and care for you
Learn to be lonely
Learn to be your one companion

Never dreamed out in the world
There are arms to hold you
You’ve always known
Your heart was on its own

So laugh in your loneliness
Child of the wilderness
Learn to be lonely
Learn how to love life that is lived alone

Learn to be lonely
Life can be lived
Life can be loved alone

2 thoughts on “Learn to Be Lonely

  1. Thanks for sharing, it’s a very very nice song. I love it so much.

    你說得很對,當我being alone,我更能感受到那connection那源頭就是愛,那種愛,比以前我所認知的更實在,更有力量。

    是的,「由一開始,就只有connection, 只有愛。 」

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