The Real Risk

I have been sending out countless invitations everyday by staying very present,
to urge you to take the risk.
The risk to be yourself,
The risk to be true to the Truth,
The risk to stop,
The risk to soar in freedom…

Upon numerous encounters of beloved souls,
Some said this risk is too scary to take,
Some were reluctant to let go of their false identity,
Some felt dreaded to even think of stopping,
Some worried where that risk would really lead to…
And you preferred staying in the same consciousness,
even you feel that there are much more life can provide for…

I said life can never be the same once you take the leap,
I said the invitation is always here in every moment no matter how many times you have rejected the offer,
I said the real risk is to stay asleep,
I said the choice is up to you,
I said it only take one split second to get back home,
and willingness is all you need.
I said: come here, my love.

Some of you really answered your heart’s desire,
finally decided to take the risk even it may seem unbelievably scary,
jumped off the cliff and did not look back,
only to find out that there is no death,
but utter freedom that the soul has been longing for so long.

So much gratitude,
so much gratitude…..

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