Pain is witnessing the process of a solvable case turned into a tragedy.
Pain is witnessing the process of the tragedy.
Pain is feeling others’ helpless and hopeless.
Pain is hearing that hope is lost.
Pain is watching a human being get shot to death.
Pain is watching human’s stupidity.
Pain is feeling others fear and heartbreak.
Pain is watching the victims to suffer.
Pain is feeling the anger of the offender.
Pain is seeing people’s insensitive, and even inhuman responses right after the incident. (probably the time to leave facebook)
Pain is feeling people’s selfishless, stubborness, stuckness and blindness.
Pain is witnessing the injustice in the world.
Pain is feeling the stress of the alives.
Pain is watching people to 抽水 from others’ suffering.
Pain is watching people to add more pain to others’ suffering with insensitive and disrespectful words and actions in inappropriate timing.
Pain is watching the alives say goodbye to the deads.
Pain is watching people diverting their anger to more innocents.
Pain is feeling others’ pain.
Pain is seeing people do not learn and are not willing to learn.

So much pain.
And, pain, is allowed too.

This pain is so familiar.
I remember.
The time is close.

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