Anniversary + Third Honeymoon 2010

Where we stayed…Movenpick Resort and Spa…(沒有吃那兒的雪糕, 因為全是盒裝, 與百佳的沒分別…)
我們book的是Garden View Room…and…

FREE upgrade to Penthouse with private pool upon arrival!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Manifestation works AGAIN!!!!!!!Thank you, Universe!

Huge bath tub…..need to make a trip to the toilet from the bedroom via the corridor…

and this is the way to the private heaven…

private pool on roof…small pool with great view…不過沒有下水, 因為水好像不太乾淨…加上…懶….

冬蔭功湯, 每餐都不能少…..

Nurture自己, 做個Spa…our spa room…

早餐的蜜糖, 蜂巢原個上….

我與老公一樣懶到爆,旅行奉旨無行程兼純即興,是次重點節目為:煲reality shows! D channels真係明白我, 非常hardcore的連播幾集….這是The Bachelor, 非常殘忍的遊戲, 以愛情作玩具….full of human dramas….

另一個台播Amazing race, 我們看了大半個season, 兩次….this team is Richard and Richard, the winning team….second place is michelle and claire, third place is natasha and her dad…..thank you all for being with us, hahahahaha!

老公訓晏覺, 自拍皇出動! 自拍了幾百張, 多得60D與remote control!

Yes, I do know how to fly….let me show you….

有去海灘行了5分鐘, 總算有個交待!

沒有在movenpick吃雪糕, 卻天天在外吃這款nutella味的雪糕, 超正!

12.12 @ 3:33pm
we were in a cafe hea-ing….this is the cafe, chose it bec of its free wi-fi so that I can get onto facebook!!!!!

12.12.在resort內看到這個, 是universe給我們的anniversary gift 嗎?

就是這兩棵雙生樹, 上年在hokkaido 扮honeymoon時也遇過一棵twin flame tree….

6 thoughts on “Anniversary + Third Honeymoon 2010

  1. 還有,amazing race好正!

    冬蔭功湯, 味道總是特別好,跟香港的不同。



    仲有仲有, 你飛的背影,好正!!!!

    • AMAZING RACE 係好正,我地仲好想睇THE BACHELOR的結局,可惜沒有播到最後。。。
      冬蔭功湯, 布吉的比BANGKOK略遜,我地打算在HK上訴。
      那雪糕真的好味啊, 日日2球肥死我。。。
      雙生樹, 總是又高又直。。。
      飛的背影, 有百幾張, HAHAAHAHHAH!

  2. universe provide the beautiful things for you both at your anniversary, so nice!!!! The Wedding Tree is so beautiful…seem lot of power inside..haha

    • thank you, rachel! yes ar, universe gave me a special treat…so great! and the wedding trees, very very tall and strong, really strong power sensed. ^^

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