The Consultant

如欲邀約作個人咨商,請前往Private Consultation Page.

Invitations for Bespoken Event/ Workshop/ Corporate Training, please send email to invite.joanenaboka@gmail.com洽。
Invitations for Private Consultation, please go to Private Consultation Page.

Examples of Corporate Training Courses and Workshops delivered previously:

  • 正向心理學與正向思考 Positive Psychology and Positive Thinking
  • 靜觀與壓力調適 Mindfulness and Stress Coping
  • 靜觀與情緒管理 Mindfulness and Emotional Managment
  • 顧客心理學 Psychology of Consumers
  • 溝通技巧心理學 Psychology of Interpersonal Communication
  • 正向育兒 Positive Parenting
  • 輔導心理學 Counseling Psychology
  • 應用社會心理學 Applied Social Psychology
  • 壓力調適與芳香療法 Stress Coping and Aromatherapy
  • 情緒管理與芳香療法 Emotional Detox and Aromatherapy
  • 日本和諧粉彩與芳香療法 Pastel Nagomi Art and Aromatherapy

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