The Psychologist

Joane Naboka, PhD., MSc, CPsychol

心理學博士。法證心理學家。The Truth Therapy 始創者。英國心理學會註冊心理學家及法證部會員。心理學講師及培訓導師。心靈增叢書<尋找快樂的神秘力量>及<精油心靈療癒卡>作者。畢業於香港中文大學心理學系。其後於英國利物浦大學取得偵輯心理學碩士學位及心理學博士學位。主力進行犯罪心理學及正向心理學之研究。


瑞士Usha Veda自然療法學院專業認證芳香治療師,著重心靈層面用油。曾分別出任兩個澳洲天然香薰護膚品牌的市場推廣經理及品牌總監。

對旨於滋養心靈的藝術很有興趣,擁有日本CREA浮游花導師及Japan Pastel Hope Art Association (JPHAA) 日本和諧粉彩正指導師資格。

具有豐富身心靈療法經驗,由2008年開始,糅合正向心理學、輔導心理學與心靈療法之原素,提供咨詢服務及工作坊。2014年創立協助個人成長及令人活得真實的心靈療法The Truth Therapy。現時除了不定期舉辦工作坊之外,亦會與不同的機構合作進行培訓企劃、提供咨詢服務及工作坊,致力提倡身心靈健康。

如欲邀約作個人咨商,請前往Private Consultation Page.

Joane Naboka is a Doctorate graduate in Psychology and a Master graduate in Investigative Psychology from the University of Liverpool, specialized in Forensic Psychology and Positive Psychology. She is a Chartered Psychologist and a member of the Division of Forensic Psychology of The British Psychological Society. She conducts lectures and workshops in psychology for various tertiary education institutions and correctional institutions in Hong Kong and Macau. She is the author of the psychospiritual book “Free Your Life”.

Joane is a Usha Veda certified aromatherapist who focuses on the psychological benefits of using essential oils. Joane engaged as Marketing Manager and Brand Director for two Australian aromatherapy skincare brands respectively.

She interested in art that intends to nourish the soul. She is a CREA Certified Herbarium Instructor and Japan Pastel Hope Art Association (JPHAA) Pastel Nagomi Art Advanced Instructor.

Apart from her expertise in forensic psychology and positive psychology, she is also an experienced complementary therapy practitioner. She created The Truth Therapy in 2014. She offers corporate training, workshop and private consultation to promote integral health, from human experience of body and mind, to soul and spirit empowerment.

Invitations for Bespoken Event/ Workshop/ Corporate Training, please send email to
Invitations for Private Consultation, please go to Private Consultation Page.

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