Private Consultation


Online Inner Insight Consultation

Inner Insight Consultation個人咨商服務非常organic,

Online Inner Insight Consultation將會透過Zoom進行。

HKD$1500 (45分鐘)
如需調配Arcturian Aroma香油作輔助或香氣儀式之用則需另外收費,費用為HKD$480 (10ml)

Inner Insight Consultation will be conducted via Zoom.
Consultation Fee:
HKD$1500 (45min)
In case you need to have an aromatic oil blend to assist your process or use for aromatic ritual, additional cost HK$480 (10ml) will be charged.


The Truth Therapy Private Consultation

The Truth Therapy是由Dr Joane Naboka於2014年創立的心靈療法。糅合正向心理學、輔導心理學與心靈療法之原素,目的為協助個人成長及令人活得真實。

The Truth Therapy 個人咨商主理比較長期及深層次的議題,旨為協助邀請者處理堵塞情緒,連接內在智慧去引發洞見,讓邀請者超越經歷本身,導向心靈自由。關於關係、情緒、事業、產前或產後調適、身體、人生目標、人生意義等等,都可以是個人咨商的主題。

The Truth Therapy 個人咨商會透過Zoom 進行。


The Truth Therapy (TTT) is originated by Joane Naboka, PhD. by crystallizing the professional knowledge and years of experiences in the Psychology and Complementary Therapy fields.through direct experience, clear, simple and honest conversation, The Truth Therapy allows you to get real.

The Truth Therapy is suitable for dealing with chronic and ingrained issues. Apart from dealing with stuck emotions, The Truth Therapy also helps in bringing deeper self-awareness, uncovering thought or ego patterns that block oneself to stay connected with your inner Truth. You will be helped to cut your stories and connect to your inner wisdom that guide you to freedom. The issues under discussion can be about relationships, emotions, career, prenatal and postnatal adjustment, physical challenges, life purpose, or meaning in life.

Private session will be conducted via Zoom.

For details and appointment:

“……朋友問我,她的Private Session值不值得試,我很坦白地說,如果你是期待有什麼很神的過程,什麼光光愛愛的,什麼召喚誰誰來愛你給你能量的,你不用去做,因為你不會得到這些;Joane的Private Session是給那些真心願意扭轉困境的人,沒有糖衣包裝,只有真實反映當下的狀況,如果你有這份勇氣去面對最赤裸的自己時,你不要去「試」她的Session,請你讓自己全然的經歷她的Session,你會發現,世界原來是充滿色彩的。”

– L. P. –

Words from Clients